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Peppercon eRIC EXPRESS card.

Remote Management Board. Access over IP

Remote Management Solution eRIC express is a KVM-over-IP PCI card that provides browser-based remote, unblocked, BIOS-level access and control to any server with maximum security, stability and speed. It allows administrators to perform a variety of remote management tasks (e.g. set passwords and security, rename servers, change IP address, etc.) eRIC express is a PCI card that enables IT administrators to remotely access and control a server over the IP network with BIOS level functionality. It is completely hardware and OS independent and allows users to troubleshoot and reconfigure servers even when servers are down. eRIC express requires no client software on the remote user side and supports standard browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Since it operates at the BIOS level, server access is available even if the server OS fails. An integrated modem allows emergency access when the network or internet is unavailable. Its combination of KVM encryption, 256-bit SSLv3/TLSv1 and certification protects servers from unauthorized access. As the eRIC express is not a software but a hardware solution, it is much more powerful: OS and hardware independent eRIC express can be used to manage any type of server running any OS, whether Intel, Sun, PowerPC running Windows, Linux, Solaris, Novell, etc. State-independent / Agent-less eRIC express does not require the managed server OS to be up and running, nor does it require any special software to be installed on the managed server. Out-of-Band Even if the managed servers own network connection is unavailable, it can still be managed through eRIC express. BIOS-level access Even if the server is hung at boot up, requires booting to safe mode, or requires system BIOS parameters to be altered, eRIC express still works flawlessly to enable these configurations to be made.
Hardware Features

Low Profile PCI Form Factor
Small enough to use in 1U and 2U computer systems. Easy installation into standard PCI slots.

Multi-platform Support
Compatible with different types of platforms (PC, Sun®, Mac®), and server form factors 1U and 2U).

IPMI Support
Supports IPMI 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 over IPMB and LAN and communicates with BMC to generate all needed hardware information remotely.

Remote Console

Access via Web browser with Java™ VM
Provides easy access to target devices from any Java-enabled Web browser.

KVM Vision Viewer
A Windows client that provides remote access for older machines that may not be able to support Java.

Screen Resolution:
High video quality (1600 x 1200) over IP allows users to work with graphic-intensive applications.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Enables shortcuts for recurring keystrokes to increase efficiency.

Remote Management
Allows remote users to perform all server configuration and management tasks from the convenience of their desktops.

Automatic Mouse Detection
Automatically adjusts to the server’s mouse settings, eliminating the need for manual mouse configuration.

Mouse Emulation for PS/2®, USB
Automatically emulates either PS/2® (with the included PS/2 cable) or USB mouse devices.

Client Application
OS with Java™ VM for Windows®, native client available.

Telnet Console
Allows access to a serial device via Telnet or SSH, along with power on, power off and host system reset capability.

Power Management

Remote power control and management
Allows servers to be remotely powered on, powered off or reset over IP.


IP Auto Configuration with DHCP, BOOTP
Enables easy set-up and administration.

Configurable Bandwidth
Allows users to configure video performance to make the best use of available bandwidth.

Dynamic DNS Support
Users can access eRIC express over a connection with a dynamically assigned IP address.

Serial Port
Users can connect a modem, log in and control the server via Telnet and SSH instead of using a Web browser.


256-bit SSL v3, TLS v1 Encryption
Extremely high level of data security protects server environments from malicious hackers.

SSL Certification
Provides the ability to create individual security certificates

Event Logging
Tracks user logins, logouts, power activities for a secure audit trail and regulatory compliance.

Multiple Users
eRIC express allows up to 15 people to view the same server at the same time

6.83" (W) x 2.54" (D) x 0.51" (H)
173.48mm (W) x 64.52mmm (D) x 13.72mm (H)

Weight: 0.25lb / 11kg
Power: power supply unit 5 V / 1 A

Remote Connection
Network: 10/100 MBit/s LAN
Modem Port: DB9 (F) DTE

Local Access Port
Video: HD15(F) VGA
Keyboard/Mouse: Mini-DIN6(F) PS/2; or USB A (F)

Screen Resolution

eRIC express requires no proprietary software to be installed on clients for access. It is accessible via any major web browser including: Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Firefox. Currently, eRIC express requires a Java-enabled browser. With eRIC express, administrators can perform a variety of remote management tasks (set passwords and security, rename servers, change IP address, etc.). NOTE: Remote management requires Java Runtime Environment v1.4.x or greater.



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